1997 - First chardonnay from the terroir "Les Graviers", first"Spirale"

With this vintage, we have begun selections of parcels on the domaine. More and more of the Chardonnays are vinified separately and the cuvée "Les graviers" is born: it is a Chardonnay from a selection of parcels (En Rusard and Rosières).

For the vintage 1997, the cuvée "Aymeric" in Pinot Noir is vinified and represents a change in style in the reds produced at the domaine. The vin de paille has changed as well. The grapes, dried in a traditional manner on straw will be pressed later than has been done in the past. This is possible thanks to the fact that the quality of the grapes is better and better.

The Spirale will replace our traditional vin de paille with more material, more concentration and less alcohol, depriving it of the right to an AC vin de paille. 

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