October 2006 - Vintage 2006. A year of climatic contrasts.

A wet spring followed by lots of sunshine which turned into the dog days of July. That was followed by five weeks of rain and cool temperatures which made August one of the worst in memory.


And the vineyard in all that? The battle was not won between the attacks of mildew, oidium and the beginning of some rot in some varietals at the end of summer. We had to be very vigilant, green harvest and leaf pull for some varietals, do severe selections for others at harvest.


In the end, the vines took advantage of three weeks of good weather in September. The harvest was quick and lasted only 13 days with a team of 60 harvesters. We began very early (September 8) because our vines, with their low yields, were ripe.


In total, we harvested just barely 1000 hectoliters from 35 hectares in production, but we are quite satisfied with the quality thanks to good ripeness and good potential. The last Trousseaus were harvested at over 14° and the Chardonnay at often more than 13°


The vintage is very promising and will produce a series of cuvées ..always for more pleasure in the bottle.



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