Harvest 2005 - Another good vintage.

Another good vintage. Alas, this could become almost boring with all these good vintages in the beginning of the 21st century. However, as in 2004, everything did not start off well. The summer of 2005 was very dry, almost too dry for the region. The predicted heatwave-like temperatures did not materialise and some heavy rainfall in late August reinvigorated the vines at the right moment.

But it is September that makes or breaks the vintage and we were spoiled. After a week of beautiful weather, the harvest began on September 8. We started quickly because we were worried we might have another 2003 on our hands as the alcoholic degrees were already quite high (more than 11° for the Crémants, almost too much), then the Trousseaus were ripe early, then all the others...

Overall, we had three weeks of harvest under sunny skies with just a little rainfall one Friday evening, but it was hardly anything. It was a harvest in which we  saw the degrees nearly reach new records(more than 15° for some of the Savagnin). In sum, a historic vintage where the pleasure of harvesting the grapes in excellent condition under sunny skies and having lunch every day in the shade of a tree will rest in our memory for years.



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