May 2005 - Release of the Traminer 2004

Contrary to what one might think, the varietal of Savagnin is fairly widespread. It belongs to the Traminer family. It is the Traminer Blanc, a close cousin of the Gewurztraminer or Traminer rose "aromatique". Traminer is known as Savagnin in the Jura, but also in the Paien in Switzerland or simply as Traminer in Central Europe.

What is interesting about this cuvée is that it was vinified for the maximum expression of fruit and bottled six months after the harvest. The idea is to show what Savagnin is before it ages sevceral years in untopped barrels. It is a wine full of fruit, mineral, with lots of material. It is not only a "vin de plaisir" but an educational wine as well.



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