Early 2005 - DEMETER certification

For our second year in biodynamie we asked for certification from Demeter, so that we will be certified by both Demeter and Ecocert. All of that is for us part of a way to produce better wines, to give life to our terroirs, and to have consideration for the generations which will follow us. It is also to help the amatuer distinguish bewteen those of us who really work organically and those who only talk about it.  The vigneron who does not have his vineyards certified has something to hide.



 DEMETER certification : click here 

 Ecocert 2006 license: click here.

Certificate for the products that we use authorized for organic viticulture : click here

Certificate for the products we use in vineyards of young vines awaiting certification : click here


To learn more: Demeter France

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