4 October 2004 - The viticultural society of the Jura sends us the fraud inspectors for the "Spirale"

Essentially, we are only two vignerons in the Jura to continue to dry some of our grapes on straw  "à la ancienne", no one else uses this method regualraly. The choice we make is to press the grapes very late in order to have a very concentrated wine with more sugar than alcohol because the yeasts are blocked by the excess of sugar. In so doing, we leave the path marked by the profession and watched over by the INAO because the law requires a "vin de paille" to have a minimum of 14.5°. In 1997, for the first Spirale, we explained on the back label how we made the wine and why it did not have an AC. We went to the customs agency to have the right to sell it. Everything was ok and the Spirale had and continues tohave lots of success.

However, we made three mistakes:

-the first real mistake was to have bottled it in Jura half bottles, simply because we are proud of our region

-the second was to have called the Spirale "passerille sur paille". That upset our colleagues who direct the Jura viticultural society because - watch out - it is not a vin de paille AOC and therefore does not have the right to the word "paille"

-the third was to have made such a good wine because what irritated our colleagues was that a journalist described it as the best "vin de paille" that he had tasted, and that, they did not appreciate at all.

In attachment is the letter of the "mises sous scellées" (impoundment)of our Spirale and of our fraudelent label. Our sympthise to Mr Teson who also had the same unpleasant newsOctober 4.

La vie est belle ! 


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